So yesterday I was saying how cool it would be to have a map of all of the green spaces in DC to be able to visualize where green spots were and if they fit any socioeconomic patterns.  Well, I found one- a map of green spaces in DC.  and its easily located at  I heard that something like this existed from DC Schoolyard Greening Consortium‘s amazing Grace Manubay.

So anyway, DC Green Map is run by the DC Green Infrastructure Collaborative, a bunch of federal and regional agencies and local organizations that came together in 2005 to create a green infrastructure mapping system for DC.  

What is a green infrastructure?  

Well, according to the DC Green Infrastructure Collaborative website, green infrastructure “Green infrastructure… incorporates and balances human and ecological goals, with priority given to the preservation of ecosystem function.”  Green infrastructure includes anything of ecological importance that comes into contact with humans.  Its important to have maps of the green infrastructure of an area, especially a city, so that we can consciously preserve, interact, and hopefully add to it.

So, basically, its human ecology in action.

The map, which uses Google Earth,  shows all kinds of things, community gardens, national park land throughout the city and the trees on it, schoolyard greening projects like tree plantings and rain gardens, green roofs in dc, street trees, where they are, where they’re dead, where they are watered… all sorts of things.

Also check out the Casey Trees map of tons of trees around DC.  Its really incredible….

And DC is not the only city doing this.  There are programs all over the country and all over the world.

Check out Green Map System to see the green map of all green maps all around the world

Seattle has a pretty extensive green mapping system.

New York is pretty far ahead with its green infrastructure mapping program.


As usual, they’d love to have volunteers so if you’re interested in helping update the map, or get involved at all you can contact any of these people…



Dana Coelho
301 653 1720

Holli Howard
Casey Trees
202 833 4010

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