Urban Agriculture in Rhode Island

Farm Fresh Rhode Island

This is a crazy awesome organization!  It is a local food guide to Rhode Island.  Want to know where the closest farmer’s market is?  Where are the community gardens in your area?  Where you can get your local sweeteners, meats, vegetables, seafood, and so much more?  What farms grow what?

They’ve set up 8 urban farmer’s markets in the greater Providence area, some of which have market CSA’s.  All the farmer’s markets accept food stamps through a system called Fresh Bucks.  You can even get weekly email updates about what will be at the farmer’s markets each week.  They do food drives and give local food to food banks.  Check them out!


Google Land, Jobs, and Stuff bulletin board for Rhode Island and Massachusetts.


Southside Community Land Trust

Located in South Providence, Rhode Island, Southside Community Land Trust (SCLT) is committed to the belief that city dwellers are entitled to a healthy environment. SCLT’s community gardens produce food and the opportunity for better nutrition and greater self sufficiency. 

Urban Edge Farm

Located in Cranston, just 8 miles from the south Providence office, Urban Edge Farm is an ideal site for growing produce, educating new entry farmers and the public. It is a model farm demonstrating environmentally sound land stewardship and farming practices.


City Farm

In 1981, a group of individuals began a food garden on an abandoned lot that had been used as a chop-shop for stolen cars. Their immigrant neighbors were inspired and working together formed a community garden close-by. That community garden grew into a network of community gardens in the West End and Southside neighborhoods and became the Southside Community Land Trust (SCLT). The backyard garden that started it all is now SCLT’s 3/4-acre City Farm that provides farm-fresh food and flowers for local farmers’ markets, groceries, restaurants, coffee shops and food pantries such as the Amos House, Food Not Bombs and the RI Food Bank.




A map of community gardens supported by the Southside Community Land Trust



Urban Agriculture in Providence: Growing our community by growing good food

-a PDF by the Urban Agriculture Task Force of the Southside Community Land Trust



Kids First

“We guide communities to improve the nutritional and physical well-being of children”

We work with staff to schedule visits from chefs, nutritionists, master gardeners, and physical activity professionals who customize programs to complement the regular classroom curriculum or after school program theme. Some topics include: My Pyramid; Snacks vs. Treats; Food Safety & Sanitation; How to Make Healthy Snacks; Trying New Foods; Portion Sizes; How to Grow Your Own Vegetables; Body Image; Just Move!; Aim For Fitness.


State of Rhode Island: Division of Agriculture

University of Rhode Island Cooperative Extension Service

At the heart of URI’s Land Grant mission, Cooperative Extension helps people to improve their lives and communities by extending University-based research for the benefit of families, farms and the environment.

Urban Greens Food Coop

Urban Greens is a food cooperative on Providence’s West Side with a mission to provide simple, direct access to affordable, local, natural products and to offer a community-based alternative to corporate supermarkets. 

Rhode Island Farmways

Rhode Island FarmWays is a special initiative of the Rhode Island Center for Agricultural Promotion and Education (RICAPE), established to make our farms and nature based sites – on land and by the sea – more visible and accessible to people of all ages and interests.



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